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Silicon Based

Our grips are made of premium silicon mixes making them extremely elastic a durable.

Fits ALL Major Controllers

Our grips will fit the following controllers: PS5, PS4, PS3, XBox, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, SteamBox.

Personalized Color Options

MetaGrips ship in a variety of different colors. Choose the colors that best accent your controller as well as your personality.

Customer Reviews

Gamer Reviews


Easy Claps...

“It’s amazing how these little things have improved my experience. I rotate between two PS4 controllers and both of them have MetaGrips. “

Addison Coker

Great Grips!

“I won a pair of MetaGrips in your recent Twitter giveaway and I love them so much! Thanks again @MetaGrips!”

Victoria Vida

Amazing price.

“I bought a set of MetaGrips for myself, my wife, and my kid. Our whole family loves them. It’s a no brainer for the cost “

Michael Sasser
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